Remettre le mot de passe d’un T5220/T5420 à sa valeur par defaut

B’jour, les instructions sont en anglais, je vais les traduires un jour, quand je repasserai par ici:

1 Initialize and power down system.
2 Use ESD precautions.
3 Remove all cables.
4 Slide server out of rack to its fullest extent.
5 Remove top cover.
6 Remove PCI back panel cross beam

7 Remove leftmost PCI/XAUI riser. (closest to battery)
8 Using PCB jumper (not supplied) connect pins 1 & 2 on J10401 (next to ALOM module)

7 Remove middle PCI/XAUI riser.
8 Using PCB jumper (not supplied) connect pins 1 & 2 on J6801.

9 Reconnect serial terminal.
10 Reconnect power cable(s)
11 Switch KVM monitor to Serial output for TMAN being restored.
12 Watch ILOM boot process and wait for login prompt.
13 When login prompt appears wait an additional 60 seconds ? at least.

14 Login as root using password ?changeme?.

14 Login as default, press the physical presence button when prompted and use the password defaultpassword

15 When prompted change password.
16 Remove power cables.
17 Remove PCB jumper (installed above).
18 Replace PCI/XAUI riser.
19 Replace PCI back panel cross beam.
20 Replace top cover.
21 Slide server back into rack.
22 Reconnect all cables.
23 After ILOM has finished booting push power button on front panel. You should feel a slight click. You will also see a flurry of lights and hear some whirring indicating hard drive activity.

Voilà! Oui utiliser un jumper ça fait 1990 mais que voulez-vous, c’est comme ça!